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6.5MM Military Style (Nylon Bristle) Chamber Brush

Pro-Shot's military style chamber brush cleans both the chamber and Star Chamber/ locking lug recesses of your 6.5MM AR Platform rifle. The longer smaller part of the brush reaches the chamber area, while the larger diameter is meant to reach the star chamber/ locking lug recess area.  Designed for tactical competition shooters to withstand frequent use.  Heavy-Duty construction stainless steel skirt cuts through tough fouling in locking lug area.  


Chamber Brush Features: 

·         Superior Heavy Duty Nylon Bristles with Brass Core
·         Dual Purpose Design for Chamber & Star Chamber Cleaning
·         Precision American Standard #8-32 threads 
·         Made in USA 

6.5MM (Nylon Bristle) AR PLATFORM Military Style Chamber

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