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Paul and Alice were the first married couple ever to be discharged together from the Marine Corps.  They were also both recalled to duty in the 9th Infantry Battalion, USMCR, of Chicago. Their story and service was featured in the above articles in the USMCR and also Rock Island Railroad News. 


It all started two generations ago, with the United States Marine Corps.  During Alice and Paul’s service with the USMC,  they met and later became married.  They had a family of four daughters, which one daughter (Diana) is currently part of the Pro-Shot Executive Management team and Ownership.  They shared a common bond and strong commitment to duty, country, and pride in America.   Paul and Alice were both sergeants in the USMC and served during WWII and the Korean War.  Paul enlisted in February 1944, and saw action at Midway and Iwo Jima.  Paul also served with the First Marine Division under General MacArthur’s Inchon landing and took part at the Battle at Chosin Reservoir in Korea.  Alice enlisted in March 1943, and served at Camp Pendleton and Camp Lejeune.  Back in the beginning of Pro-Shot, our founder John E. Damarin and Paul would talk about business and Paul even visited some key vendors to assist with Pro-Shot business. 


Our family has strong roots and heritage in serving America and defending freedom.  Pro-Shot founder John E. Damarin was an adamant defender of the 2nd Amendment.  He was a proud union worker and American that provided the foundation for our success as a family and business.   Now two generations later, we continue our commitment to Family, Country, Honor, Tradition, and Made in America Pride to manufacture the highest quality weapon cleaning systems.  Pro-Shot will forever be committed to manufacturing innovative superior weapon cleaning systems and components to those that globally defend freedom.

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