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  • Made in America, Family Owned and Operated Since 1982

  • American Made/Berry Compliant Tactical Molle Cases

       *Small Pouch Double Zipper and Large Pouch Velcro Assist Opening

  • Rod Systems Feature Exclusive Innovative Technology

  • PTC- Pro-Tuff Coated Rods 

  • DTT- Direct Thread Technology-Rods

  • SRC-  Secure Rod Connection-Rods

  • MPH- Multi-Purpose Handle-Rods (Pat. Pending)

  • Innovative Exclusive Pull Through Handle and Jag System (Pat. Pending)

  • Vinyl Accessory Pouch Holds all pieces

  • Master Proven & American Snipers Field and Battle Tested

  • All Cleaning System Parts Available Individually

  • Customizable for any size order

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2020 Coin - 37 Anniversary - Defense-01_
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