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In 2018, Master Proven and Pro-Shot Defense entered into a partnership agreement to provide

in-depth product testing and evaluations, design value, benchmark equivalency testing, quality and function combined during use, and overall durability in extreme conditions.  After all field and range testing is completed, Master Proven also evaluates pricing comparison to make sure not only that a Pro-Shot Defense kit is a superior American made product, but well worth the investment. 


Master Proven provides extensive experience with detailed analysis and feedback for all Pro-Shot Defense Weapon Cleaning Systems.  Pro-Shot is proud to work with Master Proven, as they know each cleaning system or component will meet and exceed industry and mil-spec standards.

With each weapon cleaning system undergoing extreme testing and evaluation, it helps improve overall product performance, design, and adds to the credibility to outperform the competition in the field or on the range. 

About the Evaluations

Master Proven in-depth product evaluations are also based on comparative benchmark testing that defines and justifies design value and performance to the quality, durability, function, reliability, and easy of use.


Each Evaluator fully understand the testing that defines a product's performance and function. 


Evaluators undertake rigorous analysis of each product through determined testing and evaluation to ensure the passing of a product through the process to become Master Proven.  Only the best will pass, if it does not meet the conditions changes and revisions are made and then sent back for addition rigorous testing and evaluation.

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