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Tactical Molle Case - Made in USA (Berry Compliant)
32.5” Working Length Coated Rods (5 Qty. 6.5” Length Rods)

MPH – Multi-Purpose Locking Swivel T Handle with #8-32 threaded end for Chamber Rod or components such as a scraper or pick.

6.5mm Rifle Bore Brush

Spear Tip 6.5mm Jag
Military Style AR Platform Chamber Brush
Brass Patch Holder
Double End Nylon Utility Brush
1 1/2” Round Cleaning Patches

1 Step Bio CLP 0.5 fl. oz. Dropper Bottle
Original J Bore Light Illuminator Chamber Flag
Bore Obstruction Remover-Broken/Stuck Cartridge Remover

Instruction Manual- Rod Cleaning System 


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