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*Made in USA 


The AR-Takedown Tool ™ - The only AR-Platform tool needed (AR-TT ™)

The AR-TT Takedown Tool™ is the complete field stripping tool for all AR platforms. It removes the takedown pins, trigger pins, detent pin, buffer and spring, and bolt. The end is reversible and unscrews to the smaller punch size. This revolutionary tool is patented, trademarked, and copywritten.


The AR-TT Takedown Tool ™ is a complete 10+-in-1 tool to takedown and field strip your AR Platform. It is very easy and safe to use and it's also extremely durable due to the black oxide heat treat that is done on every tool.


The AR-Takedown Tool ™ - The only AR-Platform tool needed (AR-TT ™) weighs 2oz and is made specifically for the M4-AR15 Firearm platform. Every armorer needs this in their kit!


Roll out your gun cleaning mat and get to work with ease. This tool assists with cleaning-preventative maintenance, disassembly and assembly of the pressure pins -Buffer spring, trigger pins, detent pins, magazine release, bolt, takedown pins and more. 

The AR-Takedown Tool ™ - The only AR-Platform tool needed (AR-TT ™)

The brass ends of the tool are optimal to preserve the firearm. Each brass end is threaded into the heat-treated black oxide steel. The spring has 5000 psi of force when its fully engaged. The ARTT replaces heavy roll punches, mallets, and other tools. Its efficient, sleek, and small. 


*May be used with M249 Feed ramp and pins.

AR Takedown Tool

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