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Introducing Pro-Shot's .50 Caliber Compact Modular Rifle Cleaning Kit - the ultimate solution for maintaining and cleaning your .50 Cal./ 12.7mm rifles. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this kit ensures your firearm remains in peak condition for every shot.


Key Features:

Purpose-Built for .50 Cal./12.7mm Rifles: This cleaning kit is tailor-made to meet the unique demands of .50 Caliber firearms, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Quick Bore Obstruction Removal: Whether you encounter bore obstructions during a mission or a day at the range, our kit allows you to swiftly clear them and get back to shooting in no time.

Essential Contents: Our M2/M82A3 .50 Cal. / 12.7mm cleaning kit is stocked with all the essentials required for a heavy-duty clean. It includes premium quality tools and cleaning components, ensuring you have everything you need for meticulous maintenance.


Lightweight and Modular: We understand the importance of mobility, which is why we've designed this kit to be compact and lightweight. It comes in a modular pouch that's easy to carry and attach to pack. 


Made in USA/ Berry Compliant

Compact Modular Kit .50 Cal. / 12.7mm

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