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.30 Cal. / .308 / 7.62mm Military Style Chamber Brush (AR Platform Rifles) 

Pro-Shot's military style chamber brush cleans both the chamber and Star Chamber/ locking lug recesses of your military rifle. The longer smaller part of the brush reaches the chamber area, while the larger diameter is meant to reach the star chamber/ locking lug recess area.  Designed for tactical competition shooters to withstand frequent use.  Heavy-Duty construction stainless steel skirt cuts through tough fouling in locking lug area.  

Chamber Brush Features: 

·         Superior Bronze Bristles with Brass Core
·         Dual Purpose Design for Chamber & Star Chamber Cleaning
·         Precision American Standard #8-32 threads
·         Made in USA

Military Style AR10 .308 Cal. / 7.62mm Chamber Brush

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