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Precision Brass Pick
Designed to remove heavy carbon build-up from the bolt carrier group parts of AR15/M16/M4 platform rifles, especially great for cleaning hard to reach places on AR Platform Locking Lugs. Great for cleaning pistol slides, just place a cotton patch over pick it will remove all the fouling and junk out easy!  
#8-32 threads for end of cleaning rod section or attaching to our Quick Attach/Detach Pull Through Handle (PTH) Kit Handle. 


  • Works great for all of those difficult places to reach and clean
  • Lets you easily run a patch down any grooved surface
  • Won't break or wear down like a plastic tools and gives you better leverage and control for cleaning
  • Pro-Shot System - Precision Engineered Design, Fit, & Function- Fits smoothly with Pro-Shot .22 Cal. Cleaning Rod Sections
  •  Precision #8-32 Threads
  •  Made in USA 

Precision Pick

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