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Pro-Shot Military Sales & Business Development Director

Master Sergeant Grady Burrell, US Army (Ret) is a lifelong outdoorsman who served 20 years in the US Army and 10 years in the Coast Guard. He served in a number of billets beginning with Military Police, Company Armorer, Recruiting and Retention NCO, MP Investigator, Recruiter and

Dept. of the Army Senior Advisor. Grady has met and studied with knife designers in Germany, Japan, Singapore, Peru, Colombia, Austria, Afghanistan, England, Mexico and Canada. He owns a home and workshop

in Tok, Alaska (the coldest inhabitable city in the USA), allowing him to test knives, firearms and other kit in extreme cold weather conditions.


Since his retirement Grady has served as a Military Liaison, Government LE Representative, Director and Vice President (respectively) for three US Military Contracting Companies. His most unique experience to date has been meeting King Abdullah II of Jordan and advising him on equipping his military—the King was a Sandhurst-trained soldier, and extremely well versed in military tactics and operations. Working with him on the subject of equipment was both challenging and rewarding. Grady is a longtime fan of NASCAR, MMA fighting, and enjoys trout fishing.

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