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High North Tactical Modular Case- with Water Resistant Double Zippers- Made in USA (Berry Compliant)

Dual System- Cleaning Rod & Pull Through 

AWLB  Arctic Weapon Lubrication Balm:  Featuring our extreme cold weather lubrication balm. Operating Range -67°C to 215°C (-90° to 420°F)  User Safe, No Regulations for transport, Water Resistant, Non-Staining on Clothing, Premium Synthetic with PTFE, Extreme Pressure Additive, Rust and Corrision Additive

6 Qty. 6.5" Length Rod Sections- PTC  Pro-Tuff Coated- 39" Working Length  DTT  Direct Thread Technology Rods- Each Rod End can accept components

Superior Pull Through Black Cable- Dual Female Ends 

*Patented MPH-DS  Dual System Multi-Purpose Swivel T Handle with #8-32 threaded end for

Patented Double Nylon Bore Brush with Mop QPTS Quick Pull Through System Component 

Chamber Rod or component attachment
Brass Core/Bronze Bristle Bore Brushes 

Chamber Brush

Spear Tip Jags
Brass Patch Holder 

Nylon Double End Nylon Utility Brush

Small AP Heavy Duty Blue Bristle Brush for Snow Removal from Weapon
Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches 

Original J Bore Light Illuminator Chamber Flag

Bore Obstruction Remover-Broken/Stuck Cartridge Remover

Instruction Manual

Master Proven, Field Tested & Approved

Made in USA 

High North MK22 .30 Cal./.338 Cal. Rifle Cleaning Kit

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