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At Pro-Shot, we understand the critical importance of keeping your firearms in top-notch condition, especially in extreme cold High North environments. Hence, the name Pro-Shot High North Series of weapon cleaning kits was born out of necessity for Arctic Extreme High North Conditions. 


Our premium weapon cleaning kits are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the harshest conditions, ensuring your firearms perform flawlessly when it matters most.


As featured on Soldier Systems:  Pro-Shot High North Weapon Cleaning Kits

Why choose Pro-Shot High North?

  • Arctic-Tested Durability: Our cleaning kits are designed and field tested by Master Proven, a 3rd Party organizaton that rigorosully tests our kits in the unforgiving Arctic environment. Guaranteeing resilience in extreme cold and harsh weather conditions.

  • AWLB  Arctic Weapon Lubrication Balm:  Featuring our extreme cold weather lubrication balm. Operating Range -67°C to 215°C (-90° to 420°F)  User Safe, No Regulations for transport, Water Resistant, Non-Staining on Clothing, Premium Synthetic with PTFE, Extreme Pressure Additive, Rust and Corrision Additive, Made in America

  • Precision Cleaning System: Pro-Shot is committed to providing you with the highest standard of cleaning for your weapons.  Our kits include Innovative features like: Superior Double Pro-Tuff coated cleaning rods, Benchrest Bore Brushes, and Premium Cotton Flannel Patches to maintain the precision and accuracy of your weapons.

  • Compact and Modular: Pro-Shot High North weapon cleaning kits are designed with portability in mind. The High North Ruck Series is the same size as a 30 round 5.56mm magazine, the Modular case is expandable and has modular back for attaching to pack or other cases.  Easily carry our compact kits with you wherever your missions take you, ensuring your firearms are ready for action at all times.

  • Each Kit includes small Blue AP Brush to remove snow/dirt from weapon. 

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Benefit from decades of expertise in firearm maintenance. Pro-Shot is an official supplier to the U.S. Military and trusted by Military and Law Enforcement professionals worldwide for our commitment to quality and innovation.

Choose Pro-Shot High North Kit for unparalleled weapon cleaning performance in Arctic Extreme Weather Conditions. Explore our range of products and experience the difference that precision, durability, and expertise can make in maintaining your firearms.



High North™ Ruck Series Arctic Cleaning Kits

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